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    • Done-For-You Social Media
    • Monitoring & Automation Setup
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    • Social Media Scheduler & Syndicator (Swift Marketing Suite)
    • Social Media Monitoring  & Automation (Swift Radar – Business Intelligence Dashboard)
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    • Pre-Written / Pre-Made Best-Practices Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Tools & Services

Are you asking yourself…

How do you actually make money from Social Media?

We hear this all the time – so you’re not alone. First, let’s call out the buzzword: Social Media just refers to a group of websites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+) that empower users to talk to each other. Like it or not, we’re in the age of consumer empowerment, and with that, new opportunities and threats.

The opportunity of course is getting people to talk positively about you online to their friends. The risk, of course is their saying something negative – and statistically, unhappy people are 800% more likely (yes, 8 times!) to say something negative, so it’s imperative you get your company socially involved. The good news is we can make that easy for you.

Like the railroad paving through the american west, or the TV or telephones becoming household staples, change is here to stay. We’d like to help you navigate this new landscape.

Social media CAN make you money.

Social media sites are a framework for a conversation, which means speaking (sending out messages), but also listening (receiving messages and acting upon them). In the basic equation of marketing (irresistable offer + communication to a relevant audience + slippery call to action), social media can be just the ticket to help you grow.

The executive summary:

We present the following mind-map for how we can help:

  1. Steady & consistent pre-scheduled social media outgoing messages, either done-for-you by our talent marketplace specialists, or by your staff with our tools (Swift Marketing to schedule outgoing messages). The effectiveness of these messages can be charted, graphed, and split tested to maximize effectiveness along time of day, day of week, channel, and more.
  2. Automated listening via Swift Radar, which includes social media monitoring in addition to other business intelligence dashboard and and visualization tools, and if the message is…
    1. Positive, the message is stored to testimonials and promoted and shared.
    2. Negative, a trouble ticket is opened for a human to reach out and attempt to make it right or at least contain any social impact.
    3. Contains a request for information, a ticket is opened for someone to provide the requested information.

Try the tools yourself for Free by signing up here, or invest risk free in a done-for-you package here.