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Can Social Media Really Make Any Money?

We hear this all the time. Theoretically, it can increase your market visibility, help get potential listings to call you or message you for advice, get buyers off the fence, and help you increase your market share. Theoretically. But who has the time? If you’ve thought social media is more hassle and pain than it’s worth, read on…

First, the problem:

  1. Most real estate agents are busy as heck – there’s just not enough time. What’s holding them back from making more money in less time is paradoxically time and money.
  2. Even successful small businesses have to constantly work on SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis, and if you don’t, your competitors are constantly taking a bite out of you and you don’t even know it.
  3. Social media is big, big, big – we all know facebook’s growth has passed literally 1 billion active users – not just people who signed up, but actual users who use it once a week or more. Twitter? Sure, many channels are ghost towns, but it’s also a great way to people’s cel phones. Google+ spiked, then flopped, now is quietly winning traffic again because Google’s simply so powerful and integrating it everywhere. YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world, ahead of bing. … so the net result: your clients are absolutely, unquestionably online, and being marketed to, by either you or your competitors.
  4. Time. Time & consistency to be precise is what keeps most businesses with fewer than 5 full time employees in a trap of wearing too many hats – and so social media, lead incubation, and drip marketing fall by the side or are inconsistent. Heck, I’ve done it myself over the last few months – we’ve had some huge projects + internal coding and next thing you know, it’s months later before I’m writing our own newsletter.

The Solution:

  1. Robotic pre-scheduled batch-created social media syndication via Swift Marketing Suite. What does this mean? We can setup your Christmas campaigns now, months in advance. Automatic consistency… want to post every Tuesday at 11:13 am? Easy.
  2. Outsourcing. You’re too busy, and I have great guys who can handle this stuff for $10/hour, and have tons of legal stock photos so you don’t have to worry about ripping off images off Google and hoping you don’t get a Cease & Desist or worse, a claim from the photographer or rights-owner.

Social Media Automation

I’ll cover Swift Marketing Suite in more detail in the near future – but for now, I’m focusing on just 2 core features which include Social Media Syndication (automatic broadcasting to Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, and more), and pre-scheduling of outgoing messages (this will support email, SMS text message, snail-mail (letter or postcard, ~$1.26 per mailing), social media postings, and phone call reminders.

The Offer:

Pre-Order Swift Marketing Suite 1 Year package, and get the following free / included:

  1. By-hand creation of 61 image-messages, specifically designed to hook people’s attention on Facebook, and of course these can 100% hands-free go out to twitter, pinterest, and instagram. If you hire a designer to do this, you’re easily in for 10min each, 6/hr so 10 hours work x ?$ per hour, plus your stock-photo costs of ~ $4/ea – so minimum this will run you $300+. NOTE: This will definitely be removed / extra upon launch. We have a 61-point (weekly + some holidays, and “set your clocks” reminders, etc.) event-schedule for you.
  2. By-hand creation of 61 short text messages (i.e. specifically formatted for Twitter, but will also go automatically out to LinkedIn and Facebook as text). These will be a mix of inspirational business quotes, humanity, and more. If you research these, you’re in for 5-10 hours work, but then what?
  3. Hand created messages for all the major USA holidays, with corresponding photos – so this will be worked into the above rotation, but specifically scheduled for holidays i.e. July 4th, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, New Years… – even back to school and elections (on a 2 or 4 year schedule). Variable-date holidays like Thanksgiving? Check . Want Jewish holidays? Indian holidays? Just talk to us. Value: $50-$100
  4. Setup. If you post this yourself, it’s quick and easy, right? The problem is consistency.. sure, it might only take 15 minutes, but do you get to it like clockwork? Say you do – 15 minutes per week for a year = 13 hours of your time. What’s that worth?
  5. Want all this added to your website? Easy – as long as you’re on wordpress or a Swift website, if you’re not, talk to us about your options.
  6. So – let’s recap: It’s a done-for-you package. What you’re getting is a nice looking, pre-scheduled constant social presence, starting August, for one entire year, hand-tailored to you, reminding them what you do, that you need their referrals, that you’re a great person. They’ll never know it wasn’t you unless you want them to think it’s your assistant.

Investment: just $397, with no obligation to continue. Oh, and we’ll throw in a free search engine rank position checker with graphing, because it’s already built and we use it in-house for SEO clients. This graphs your search engine results over time per keyphrase. You’ll also get full access to the Swift Marketing Suite tools as they get developed. Tools we’re working on include the world’s most advanced autoresponder (auto-respond via SMS, postcard, email, facebook, twitter, etc. and on a variety of trigger-types), lead scoring (so you call the hot leads who always click on your newsletter for example, or viewed a webinar…), and a few other robotics. Oh, and Swift Radar, which is how feedback comes to you i.e. if someone responds to your facebook post or twitter, it will show up in Radar, so you can act on it if needed (i.e. create a CRM deal because they’re now a sales-lead…). Last, I’ll guarantee it, unconditionally that you’ll love the service for 60 days – if you’re not totally loving it for any reason, drop me a line and I’ll send the money back. Options…

  1. Do nothing and ignore this. (a) tomorrow will be a lot like today, except business will slowly erode as competitors gain marketshare via increased visibility, and (b) once we launch, the hand-done-for-you service will be extra, via our talent marketplace – so you’ll have to write the content yourself, or hire someone. So, you need it, the question is whether you want to hire someone in-house, do it yourself, or roll the dice and let your competitors stay in front of your customers.
  2. Buy now risk free . We’ll get on the phone for a few minutes (with me, RogerV) to talk about your business. I’ll write sales copy myself, and have my staff choose the best quotes and pictures, and I’ll ensure quality control. We’ll have you preview it in the dashboard before it goes out, so if you want, you can even see what will be going out next spring, months in advance – or just relax and let us handle it. Sound good? I thought you’d love it 🙂 .. if you’re ready to roll, click¤cy_code=USD to make your one-time investment.
  3. Note: The done-for-you content we’ll sell separately down the road, it’s a a lot of work. This offer goes away soon as we transition to monthly subscriptions + VA services.
  4. Questions? Drop me a line – RogerV, designer / code-monkey programmer type + CEO – directly at 702.518.9216

BONUS: Subscribe for a year, get 3 mo Free
(Save $188 / 32% from monthly)
60 Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee

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Your complete Social Media Virtual Assistant Experts doing graphics by hand for you,
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Bulk Discounts available for offices with 1 logo ordering more than 5 accounts; call for details.

Some example images:

Note: we can optionally add your logo, also we’ll occasionally throw in a head shot if you want. Facebook displays your picture next to it automatically, so I didn’t show it here.

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The schedule:

Social Media for Realtors

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